Our Dedication to Tennessee

We are honored to call the great state of Tennessee our home. Our corporate headquarters can be found in Franklin, Tennessee inside of Williamson County. In addition to our headquarters location, we have several offices located all across Tennessee. These offices house dozens of professional educational recruitment staff who are focused on the recruitment and placement of thousands of educators right here in our home state. We pride ourselves in being able to come alongside our educational partners in Tennessee to offer valuable services to our friends and neighbors here at home. 

TOSS Platinum Partner & More 

For more than 10 years we have had the distinct privilege of being a Platinum Partner of the Tennessee Organization of School Superintendents (TOSS) and regular sponsors and active participants in TASBO and TSBA. Within these partnerships, we are very actively engaged in helping to understand the needs of the public schools of Tennessee. StaffEZ has worked directly with superintendents, legislators, and the Department of Education to understand the ever-shifting landscape of public education in the state of Tennessee as well as how we can best be of service and respond to the diverse needs of the schools systems in our state. This partnership has allowed us to develop programs that are effective and, in many cases, cost neutral to districts to take advantage of within their current calendar budget. 

Proven Track Record of Excellence

StaffEZ has over 20 current educational partnerships in the state of Tennessee. We are happy to report a 100% satisfaction rate and an overwhelmingly positive review of our various service offerings within the state. Our goal is to not only be a valuable partner to the school system, but to be a valuable member of your local educational community. We are constantly looking for ways to give back and be directly involved in the success of our educational partners in Tennessee.  


Release the Recruitment Stress

We have access to multiple channels of recruitment for certified teachers that can help to simplify the search. We take on the challenge of finding effective and highly effective certified teachers to fill each of your classrooms.

Transparent Credentialing

Our team is well versed in the educational screening process and credentialing requirements of your state. We take time to ensure proper fit and that all approvals are given. We give you full access to the candidate data at every step of the way.

Affordable Results

We have several different service delivery models to fit your schools unique budget and timing requirements. We can recruit Certified Teachers to fill your classrooms at a cost to match your current budget allocation for the position.

Special Classifications

We are experienced in the placement of various specialty classifications. This includes recruiting of certified teachers for STEM, ESL, SPED, Early Childhood and more. We can help to relieve critical shortage concerns in your departments.

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