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Educational Staffing Made Easy

With the dramatic increase in talent shortages across the nation, it can be challenging to find qualified staff to keep your school district running smoothly. 

That’s why StaffEZ is on a mission to solve the problems that educators and administrators face on a daily basis. As a leading national provider of educational staffing and services, StaffEZ supplies the people, processes, and programs that schools need to achieve their goals. From maximizing classroom fill rates to streamlining internal processes, StaffEZ offers a variety of custom programs to meet every educational staffing need.

We’re dedicated to making educational staffing easy so you can focus on the communities you serve.

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Recruiting | Screening | Training | Compliance| Payroll | Support


StaffEZ seeks out the very best, most qualified individuals to serve as educational service providers in your school district.


We follow all state and federal laws and federal laws and observe the hiring guidelines set by each educational partner to screen candidates for employment.


StaffEZ partners with industry-leading, the Global Compliance Network, and to provide industry-leading training and certifications to prepare our substitutes for every learning environment.


As the employer, StaffEZ handles all services related to Human Resources, from onboarding to benefits, and beyond.


StaffEZ celebrates dedicated performers with recognition and bonus earning opportunities and facilitates all corrective actions as needed. District personnel always have the right to determine whether a StaffEZ employee is a good fit for the schools


StaffEZ provides ongoing training and professional development opportunities, and we offer fantastic local and corporate support for all employees.


Release the Recruitment Stress

We have access to multiple channels of recruitment for certified teachers that can help to simplify the search. We take on the challenge of finding effective and highly effective certified teachers to fill each of your classrooms.

Transparent Credentialing

Our team is well versed in the educational screening process and credentialing requirements of your state. We take time to ensure proper fit and that all approvals are given. We give you full access to the candidate data at every step of the way.

Affordable Results

We have several different service delivery models to fit your school’s unique budget and timing requirements. We can recruit certified Teachers to fill your classrooms at a cost to match your current budget allocation for the position.

Special Classifications

We are experienced in the placement of various specialty classifications. This includes recruiting of certified teachers for STEM, ESL, SPED, Early Childhood and more. We can help to relieve critical shortage concerns in your departments.

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