Child Care

Position: Childcare Provider/Aide

Servicing Seminole County Public Schools

General Functions: To assist the lead childcare aide in the supervision and management of all aspects of the childcare classroom where the childcare aide is assigned.

Duties and Responsibilities:

Essential responsibilities will include but are not limited to the following:

The Childcare aide will:

· Follow lesson plans as written.

· Provide an adequate variety of play potentials as directed by the lead childcare aide.

· Practice developmentally appropriate expectations in setting up toys and interacting with children.

· Support lead childcare aide during group, singing songs with the children and conduct group time as needed.

· Work with small groups. Gear activity down or up to meet the developmental level of the children in-group.

2. Classroom Management:

The childcare aide will:

· Follow a daily schedule as posted.

· Prepare activities in advance to ensure time with children is optimized, if assigned by childcare director.

· Think ahead and attempt to avoid potential hazardous or disciplinary situations by keeping an overall view of the room.

· Be continuously aware of student/staff ratio and your responsibilities.

· Work with lead childcare aide to provide a neat, attractive, stimulating, and safe environment for children, assuming an equal share of classroom housekeeping tasks.

· Follow sanitation and safety procedures according to Licensing and Accreditation regulations and Health and Safety Guidelines.

· Take care of dirty or broken toys immediately. Maintain inventory of toys before they go back on the shelf, and ensure toys and supplies are placed in appropriate storage areas.

· Call all accidents to the attention of the lead childcare aide, complete an accident report form and share these reports with parents in person and in written form.

3. Guidance and Discipline:

The aide will:

· Provide guidance and discipline in a positive manner, in a manner consistent with program regulations of the schools.

· Limits are reinforced consistently.

· Discipline shall be firm, consistent and followed through.

· Staff must remain in control. Physical punishment, shaming or rough handling children is strictly prohibited.

4. Interaction:

The childcare aide will:

· Interact with children, and ask open-ended questions. Children will be offered choices whenever possible.

· Spend most of the time at the children’s level (on the floor) interacting with the children, keeping adult chatter to a minimum.

· Make a point of interacting with each child each day in a positive way.

· Get actively involved with children during outdoor time.

· Treat all children equally/ show no favoritism. Each child is treated with dignity and respect and is allowed to be an individual.

· Sit with children during snack and meals. Eat with the children and keep conversation positive during these times.

5. Parent Interaction:

The childcare aide substitute will:

· Greet parents in the morning and/or evening with professionalism.

· The lead will work with parents on any issues as this is their responsibility and not the substitute.

· Follow through on all requests made by parents.

6. Personal/Professional Characteristics:

The childcare aide substitute will:

· Be prompt, on time and keep days off to a minimum. If working in an interim position, more than 1 day a month without a doctor’s excuse or approved time off in advance is not acceptable.

· · Smile and show enthusiasm toward parents, children and the job.

· Dress appropriately and in good taste.

· Remain in control even in difficult situations.

· Show enthusiasm toward professional development.

· Attend all mandatory staff meetings and in-services. Work with the lead childcare aide, sharing ideas and being open to constructive criticism and suggestions. Take direction from lead childcare aide without questioning or disagreeing. Save disagreements for an appropriate time.

· Is positive about his or her job and keeps discontentment to themselves.

· Tell lead before leaving the room.

· Take initiative to get things done when enrollment is low.

· Interact with students, parents, staff, school administration, and community members in positive, supportive, and cooperative ways.

· Any other duties as deemed appropriate by StaffEZ and the District.

Minimum Preparation, Training, Education, and Experience required:

· Minimum requirements: High School Diploma or GED.

· Demonstrated excellent communication skills.

· Demonstrated experience successfully working with parents and students.

· Demonstrated supervision skills.

· Demonstrated excellent attendance.

Physical Requirements:

· Sit, stand, squat, run, reach, use small motor skills on a consistent and regular basis.

· Must be able to lift small children.

· Must be able to work outside in cold, heat, and adverse weather conditions.

It is our policy to provide equal employment opportunities to all qualified persons in hiring, promotion, transfer, discharge, pay, benefits and all other aspects of employment, without regard to age, height, weight, pregnancy, race, color, religion, gender, national origin, citizenship, marital status, disability, or other classification protected by state and federal laws.

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